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Master of Fine Arts in Directing – The Actors Studio Drama School, New School University
Member, Stage Directors & Choreographers Society

Directing Credits | New Play Development | Artistic Director, The CRY HAVOC Company


Romeo & JulietRomeo & JulietSleepoverLeft to Right: Bent, Sleepover


Lincoln Center Originals: The CRY HAVOC Company Lincoln Center/CRY HAVOC Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
realer than that by Kitt Lavoie The CRY HAVOC Company National Touring Production
Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare The CRY HAVOC Company              Walkerspace
Sunday on the Rocks by Theresa Rebeck CB Productions Abingdon Theatre
Macbeth by William Shakespeare The CRY HAVOC Company Present Company Theatorium
Sleep Over by Maria Micheles* Theater for the New City Theater for the New City
Bake Sale by Jennifer Reichert* Norwegian Actors Institute (Oslo, Norway) NSKI Theater (Norwegian language)
Into the Blue by Kari Morris Norwegian Actors Institute (Oslo, Norway) NSKI Theater (Norwegian language)
realer than that by Kitt Lavoie Norwegian Actors Institute (Oslo, Norway) NSKI Theater (Norwegian language)
Then... by Cynthia Franks Norwegian Actors Institute (Oslo, Norway) NSKI Theater (Norwegian language)
Not Entirely Platonic by Kitt Lavoie Norwegian Actors Institute (Oslo, Norway) NSKI Theater (Norwegian language)
[pwnd] by Kitt Lavoie Norwegian Actors Institute (Oslo, Norway) NSKI Theater (Norwegian language)
The Spaceship Lands… by Sydney Painter The CRY HAVOC Company CRY HAVOC in NYC and Tokyo
All Over Me by Jerzy Gwiazdowski* Theatre Dramadrivhuset (Oslo, Norway) NSKI Theater (Norwegian language)
Sunshine by Kitt Lavoie* Theatre Dramadrivhuset (Oslo, Norway) NSKI Theater (Norwegian language)
Good Enough by Kitt Lavoie Theatre Dramadrivhuset (Oslo, Norway) NSKI Theater (Norwegian language)
Mikey Wears Braces by Jennifer Reichert* The CRY HAVOC Company CRY HAVOC Studio
Sunday On the RocksQuote1Romeo & JulietLeft to Right: Sunday On The Rocks; The Gin Dialogues
realer than that by Kitt Lavoie CRY HAVOC/Samuel French, Inc. Playwrights Horizons Mainstage
The Cooking King by Sharon E. Cooper Barrel Theater/Samuel French, Inc. Playwrights Horizons Mainstage
Ingrid Milligan Is… by Maggie Smith*       Ensemble Studio Theatre Ensemble Studio Theatre
Stopping Traffic by Mary Pat Gleason Benefit for Fountain House NYC Signature Theatre
[pwnd] by Kitt Lavoie*  Rising Sun Performance Company Theater Under St. Marks
Good Enough by Kitt Lavoie CRY HAVOC/Sam French, Inc. Jay Sharp Theatre
The Gin Dialogues by Kit Williamson* Fordham University Playwright Thesis Fordham University (guest director)
realer than that by Kitt Lavoie Manhattan Repertory Theatre Manhattan Repertory Theatre
Creative Writing by J Holtham* Luna Stage (Montclair, NJ) Luna Second Stage
October 31 by Maria Micheles* Brooklyn Playwrights Theater Siberia Space
I'll be Jonah if you be the Whale by Jeremy Wine* Epic Repertory Theater Bank Street Theater
Party Girl by Kitt Lavoie Algonquin Theater Algonquin Theater Mainstage
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea by J.P. Shanley Sanctuary Theater Company Emerging Artists Theater
Yukon Brass by Jennifer Reichert* The Riant Theatre             Producers Club/PC II
Kat for Short by Kitt Lavoie* The CRY HAVOC Company Center Stage
Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare Mimes & Mummers Theater Fordham University (guest director)
A Woman Had Her by Ben Rosenthal* Ensemble Studio Theatre Ensemble Studio Theatre
Sunday On the Rocksquote 2Sunday On the RocksLeft to Right: A Midsummer Night's Dream; The Birth of Punk
The Median Line by Kitt Lavoie Ring of Fire Productions Producers Club/PC II
Romeo & Juliet: Part II by Sandra Hosking Spokane Civic Theatre   American Theater of Actors
Seven Keys by Kitt Lavoie & Graeme Gillis* Ring of Fire Productions CSV Center
As You Like It by William Shakespeare Jove Productions Producers Club/Crowne Theater
Italian American Reconciliation by J.P. Shanley Sanctuary Theater Company Producers Club/PC II
A Midsummer Night’s Dream by W. Shakespeare Project PLAY Prospect Theater
Tegwar by Damon DiMarco* The Players Club                The Players Theater
Oleanna by David Mamet Wollman Theater Company Wollman Theater
Marcus is Walking by Joan Ackermann Rising Sun Performance Company The Actors Playground
Bad Girls by M.Z. Ribalow*            The CRY HAVOC Company Pelican Theater
Obit by Ben Rosenthal* Expanded Arts Company Expanded Arts Theater
Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare The Experimental Theater Keating Little Theater
Revenge of the Space Pandas by David Mamet The Experimental Theater Keating Little Theater
Bent by Martin Sherman                Actors Studio Repertory Bleecker Street Theater
Welcome Back, Buddy Combs by Ben Rosenthal* Actors Studio Repertory Bleecker Street Theater
  *original production  
Sunday On the RocksSunday On the RocksSleepoverLeft to Right: Welcome Back, Buddy Combs; The Lesson



A major focus of Kitt's work is on the development of new work. As a director, artistic director, and dramaturg, he has been centrally involved in the development of more than 400 new plays, screenplays, and musicals, including:

#292 by Sidse Ploghs
210 Amlent Ave. by Becky Goldberg
Abandon Falls by Josh Bywater
The Abduction of Becky Morris by Alison Crane
Akila by Sara Michelle Evangelista
All Over Me (How Does It Feel?) by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
All-Star by Fernanda Douglas
Angie by Emily Claire Schmitt
Animal Noises by Derrick DeMaria
Art of the Future by Jim Fagan
Baby Play by Katelin Wilcox
Bad Girls by M.Z. Ribalow
Bake Sale by Jennifer Reichert
Before and After by Ali Keller
Believin' by Sharon E. Cooper
Better by Mélisa Breiner-Sanders
Better Than A Tree by Timothy Davis
Beyond the Wall by Sharon E. Cooper
Billy Doyle and the Black Belt by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
The Birth of Punk by Ben Rosenthal
Birthday by Ali Keller
Black Sleigh Down by Jim Fagan
Blues by Jennifer Curfman
Bobby and Maggie by Ali Keller
Bosworth’s Shoulder by Michael Batistick
Boys with Toys by Billie Roe
The Bride's Side by Michael Ross Albert
Cake by Cavan Hallman
Capturing Alice by Jennifer Reichert
Carry Me On by Will Clark
Caught by Sharon E. Cooper
Celebrity by Jennifer Reichert
The Chalice by Emily Schmitt
Change for Christmas by Anne Flowers
Charlie and Miranda by Madeleine Lawson
Charlotte by Denise D. Knight & Annalisa Chamberlin
The Christmas Angel of Marfa, TX by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
Christmas Cookies by Jennifer Reichert
Christmas For New Year's by Jennifer Reichert
Christmas Unexpected by Alison McLaughlin
The City Stalker by Sharon E. Cooper
Clam and Hershel Hash It Out by Jim Fagan
The Claw by Sydney Painter
Close by Jennifer Reichert
Color Blind by Will Clark
Continental Drift by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
The Cooking King by Sharon E. Cooper
Counting The Days by Cavan Hallman
Crimson and Closure by Will Clark
Crossroads by Kelly Wetherald
The Dash by Cavan Hallman
Dead Week by Cindy Kay
Dear Nate by Ali Keller
Deceased by Sharon Cooper
Desert Play by Lucy Fleming
Detroit Industry by Katelin Wilcox
Ditch Pigs by Emily Schmitt
Dumped by Sharon Cooper
The Earth You Created by Sydney Painter
The End by Sidse Ploghs
Elite Performance by Cavan Hallman
Ember by Kari Morris
Eminent Domain by Will Clark
Epidemic by Kate Heaney
everytime a bell rings, or silent night by Josh Bywater
Evidence by Jennifer Reichert
Ex-Mas by Katelin Wilcox
Expat by Kit Williamson
Extraterrestrial by Katelin Wilcox
Face by Kari Morris
Fading Reprise by Matt Prigge
Fallen by Matt Cowart
Falling In by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
A Few Moments of Hope by Ali Keller
First World Problems by Katelin Wilcox
Flip by Timothy Davis
For Plume by Jenny Kirlin
For Your Consideration by Mélisa Breiner-Sanders
Four Corners by Mariana Benjamin
Freak Flag by Timothy Davis
Frohliche Weihnachten by Cavan Hallman
Fuck Me Pumps by Sarah Jane Schostack
The Funnies by Cindy Kay
Ghost Light by Cavan Hallman
Ghost Story by Kathryn Funkhouser
The Gin Dialogues by Kit Williamson
The Golden Age of Kali by Sharon E. Cooper
Goodbye, Apollo by Kathryn Funkhouser
Gracie by Julia Bilbao
Grievous Circle by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
Gruveliv by Axel Baro Aasen
Habitual by Cavan Hallman
Has-Been by Kathryn Funkhouser
Heedless by Peter Crosby
Her and him and him and her by Mélisa Breiner-Sanders
Here Begins The Parody by Derrick DeMaria
Here Comes The Night by Annalisa Chamberlin
Here to Stay by Ali Keller
Holiday Bonus by Julia Bilbao
Holiday Scoring by Ali Keller
Homefront by Kat Funkhouser
Hope by Cavan Hallman
Hot Air by Katelin Wilcox
The Hubble View by Leah Filley
Huggs by Shelly Lanciani
I Hate the Gays…but…I Sorta Love Them by Connor Lounsbury
If the Sun is Out I'd Rather be in the Shadow by Leah Filley
In The Bonds by Ali Keller
In The Meantime by Sharon E. Cooper
Independent Christmas by Ali Keller
Intelligence by Jennifer Reichert
Internicina by Timothy Davis
Into the Blue by Kari Morris
Inuit Pie by Michael Ross Albert
Invited by Jennifer Reichert
Involuntary Council by Annalisa Chamberlin
Iowa (Sin Bravely) by Timothy Davis
IRL by Will Clark
It Must be Love by M. Boynton & K.P. Giordano
Jianni's from Australia by Becky Sterling Rygg
Juicy & Delicious by Lucy Alibar
Just Julian by Jennifer Reichert
The Killer Instinct by Charlie Murray
L'art pour l'art by Tim Creavin
Latex by Tim Creavin
The Last Word by Kari Morris
Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room by Katelin Wilcox
The Letter by Kari Morris
Lighthouse by Melisa Breiner-Sanders
Like Louis by Ali Keller
Little Boxes by Cavan Hallman
Little Girl by Kitt Lavoie
The Magic Of Macy's by Katelin Wilcox
Marriage, Money, and Matteo by Lynn Spector
Message Send Failure by Jim Fagan
Metal Flowers by Phil Kenner
Michael Bay's America, Part IV by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
Michelle by Cindy Kay
Midnight by Kate Heaney
Midnight to 8 by Timothy Davis
Mikey Wears Braces by Jennifer Reichert
Misogyny Love by Crystal Carter
Missionary Dating by Jennifer Reichert
Mistakes by Russ Hankin
A Modern Fairy Tale by Sharon E. Cooper
The Moonbath Girl by Graeme Gillis
The Most Wonderful Time by Jennifer Reichert
Nest for the Holidays by Jenny Kirlin
A New Year by Kate Moore Heaney
New/Old Friends by Jennifer Reichert
No Matter How Far You Roam by Chris Petty
No Real Motive by Matt Kerr
Not Easily Forgotten by Cavan Hallman
Obit by Ben Rosenthal
Occupied by Sharon E. Cooper
Off-Broadway Murder Mystery by Will Rogers
On Leo’s Eyes by Billie Roe
On the Edge of What Might Happen by Sydney Painter
On the Table by Sharon E. Cooper
Only Santa Flies On Christmas Eve by Timothy Davis
Out of the Frame by Rachel Alter
Out of Tune by Jenny Kirlin
Oven Mitts by Zoe Anastassiou
Painting Seventeen by Sharon E. Cooper
Partridge in a Peachtree by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
The Pawnbroker by Katelin Wilcox
Pitch by Mary Cavett
Plans by Jennifer Curfman
Poor Alice by Billie Roe
Puppy Love by Becky Sterling Rygg
Puppy Love II by Becky Sterling-Rygg
The Quiet Storm by William Jackson Harper
Red Frost by Alexandra Fokine
Requital by David Loewy
Residence by Leah Filley
Reunion by Jason Yoskowitz
Revelations by Peter J. Crosby
The Rhythm Method by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
Right by Will Clark
Riverbank by Matthew Prigge
Roam: A B-52s Musical by Cavan Hallman
Sabbatical by Kitt Lavoie
Samir's Fish by Sydney Painter
Sanctuary by Julia Bilbao
See Ya Later, Alligator by Julia Bilbao
Senior Thesis by Julia Bilbao
The Seven Men of Hanukkah by Sharon E. Cooper
Services Rendered by Cavan Hallman
Simply Twisted by Sharon E. Cooper
Sin Bravely by Timothy Davis
Siriously by Sharon E. Cooper
Sleepover by Maria Micheles
Slut Claus by Ali Keller
Snowfall by Josh Bywater
Some Western Blues by Cavan Hallman
Southern Cross by Timothy Davis
The Spaceship Lands On Christmas by Sydney Painter
A Special Day by Jennifer Reichert
Spilling the Salt by Derrick DeMaria
Spy Actually: A BiPolar Express by Jim Fagan
Squabs' First Christmas by Jenny Kirlin
Standards by Ali Keller
Stardust by Sharon E. Cooper
Stay by Jenny Kirlin
Step Nine by Sarah Jane Schostack
Stolen Moments by Jennifer Reichert
Stormfront by Emily Schmitt
Switch by Kelly McCready
T.S.A. by Cole Johnston
Techs by Jennifer Reichert
Tegwar by Damon DiMarco
A Tempest Interlude by Katelin Wilcox
Test Drive by Don Andreasen
Theatre and a Bite by Bob Montgomery
Then… by Cynthia Franks
The Thief of Joy by Jennifer Reichert
Three Sisters by Jennifer Curfman and Rachel Neuman
Tony Bennett and everything by Jenny Kirlin
Tree Time by Becky Sterling Rygg
Two Gents by Cavan Hallman
Two Ways of Flying by Fiona Rae Brunner
Ugly Donkey and the Trash-Foot Flamingo by Jenny Kirlin & Kitt Lavoie
The Un-Authorized Musical Biography of George Takei by Cavan Hallman
Unplugged by Sharon E. Cooper
Unverdant Beauty by Will Clark
Vision Quest by Michael Ross Albert
A Visit to the Bronx by Sharon E. Cooper
Visions of Johanna by Charlotte Cwikowski
Waiting for Santa by Becky Goldberg
Watching Airplanes by Annalisa Chamberlin
Water Lilies by Amanda Phelan
Wax by Jerzy Gwiazdowski
Welcome Back, Buddy Combs by Ben Rosenthal
Welcome Home by Eric Miller
The West Wing by Jenny Kirlin
Western Justice by Anne Flowers
The Weston Women by David Loewy
Whale by Ali Keller
What Happened by Clio Contogenis
When They Fall by Becky Sterling Rygg
Whittle by Annalisa Chamberlin
The Winchester Ascension by Michael Batistick
Windows 95 by Ali Keller
Wish You Were Here My Love by Sharon E. Cooper
With a Hammer and a Nail by Lloyd Suh
Woodlake by Erica Pappas
The World on Its Side by Leah Filley
A Woman Had Her by Ben Rosenthal
Year After Year by Melisa Breiner-Sanders
Yukon Brass by Jennifer Reichert



The CRY HAVOC Company

The CRY HAVOC Company is a not-for-profit theater in New York City committed to creating raw, provocative, and humane theater by approaching all plays – both comedy and drama – as conflicts between individuals struggling to do what each desperately believes is right.

Since its founding in 1997, CRY HAVOC has developed more than 450 new plays, screenplays, and musicals through its active Workshop, Lab, and Studio programs. In that time, CRY HAVOC has also brought more than 25 of these projects to the New York stage, including the world premieres of more than a dozen new plays. Projects developed with CRY HAVOC have also been published, made into award-winning films, and produced in major venues in New York, across the United States, and on every continent around the world.

CRY HAVOC is also committed to supporting the development of the next generation of theater artists – with its slate of classes, free early career seminars, and its highly sought-after Apprentice Program. Through its Open Workshop program and its bi-weekly podcast, CRY HAVOC also seeks to elucidate the theater-making process for theater-goers by offering a glimpse into parts of the development and rehearsal process that audiences rarely get to see.

Led by Artistic Director Kitt Lavoie, Managing Director Jerzy Gwiazdowski, and the members of the CRY HAVOC Resident Company, the CRY HAVOC artistic community is comprised of more than 250 actors, writers, directors, and designers at all levels of training and professional advancement – from college students to seasoned Broadway professionals.

To learn more about The CRY HAVOC Company, visit www.cryhavoccompany.org.


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